About Wildflower

Our Purpose

Wildflower Elementary is a school that lives by its motto of "Increase Learning for All!" Our entire staff strives to create an academic environment predicated on high expectations and strong character. We don't believe in leaving any child behind and will utilize data based instruction to meet the needs of every learner. In addition, we collaborate with our community members to bring the best out of all of our children regardless of personal situation.

Throughout the school year, Wildflower utilizes our Unified Improvement Plan, similar to a school action plan, to focus our efforts on increasing student achievement. We use this plan as the foundation to strategically focus our instruction and interventions so that we are able to best instruct our students. While there is always work to be done, our students have demonstrated strong academic proficiency as demonstrated in our traditionally high TCAP scores.

Our Educators

The Wildflower instructional staff is a committed group of educators that study and implement best practices on a daily basis. Many of our teachers are veterans to Wildflower and we pride ourselves on the overall stability of our instructional staff. Classroom teachers and administrators meet on a weekly basis to discuss student needs so that we can all work together to ensure the academic and behavioral success of every child. During PLCs, a form of school wide meetings, we discuss best instructional practices, provide trainings, review data, and discuss various ways to improve the school as a high quality instructional staff and provides professional growth opportunities to all staff members.

Wildflower's highly qualified educational staff uses Write Steps for effective Writing, McMillan/McGraw Hill "Treasures" for Reading, and Envisions for Math. These programs are in addition to the other resources that teachers use on a daily basis.

Our Students

We have a wonderfully diverse student population and all of our students are proud to be Wildflower Wildcats! We, at Wildflower, believe it takes a community to ensure the academic, social, and behavioral success for all of our students. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students must work together as one to appropriately address the needs of each student. We are committed to open lines of communication and work towards respectful resolutions to all concerns. We offer a variety of opportunities for students to meet in small group settings, participate in after school activities, and develop their self-esteem though a highly collaborative atmosphere.