About Wildflower

Our Purpose

Wildflower Elementary is a school that strives to give all students a foundation in the basic skills of learning and problem solving so they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, now and in the future. Wildflower Elementary has a strong partnership with the community and offers a variety of enrichment programs for all types of learners from pre-school through fifth grade.

Throughout the school year, Wildflower utilizes the school action plan as a means to focus efforts toward improving student achievement.  While there is still work to be done on raising student achievement, Wildflower students have made great gains in academic growth according to the Longitudinal Student Growth Model measurement used by the Colorado Department of Education.

Our Educators

The Wildflower staff is a committed group of educators who continually study the best instructional practices and go above and beyond to meet students' needs. Classroom teachers and administrators meet on a monthly basis to align curriculum, review student achievement data, make improvements and give feedback on the progress of various educational programs. Wildflower values high quality teachers, and offers many opportunities for professional development to all staff members.

Wilflower's highly qualified educational staff uses Write Tools for effective writing, McMillan/McGraw-Hill "Treasures" Curriculum for reading and enVisions for math.

Our Students

Our students are proud to be Wildflower Wildcats! Wildflower believes it takes a community to ensure academic success for all students. Teachers, parents, students, and administration must work together as one, with an open mind committed to communicating the needs of the student. The school offers a variety of opportunities for students to meet in small group settings to share their experiences, learn important life skills and social skills, develop self-esteem and learn to solve problems.